This refined collection composed by ashtrays, vide-poches and elegant humidors is especially dedicated to all those countries where the brand VILLARI is renowned and admired. Collecting these precious creations is like travelling: graceful symbols, dignified animals and charming landscapes represent the wonders of the modern world.

The travel starts from the Middle East, with three animals that embody the strength of this enchanting region: the Camel, the Arab Horse and the Saker Falcon. The Camel is depicted while it is resting, after a long journey, and it is restoring its energy before another incredible adventure. The Arab Horse, Al Lahab, the Thoroughbred that expresses elegance, is portrayed in all its pride, with a strong and stately posture. The Saker Falcon, instead, is quietly resting upon a fine glove, as it has just returned from flight. Its fierce demeanour expresses all its typical regality.

The travel then continues among the vivid colours of India, where the Jaipur symbolizes many great attributes: patience, regality, strength, wisdom and longevity. Thus, this pachyderm is also regarded as a prodigious lucky charm. VILLARI celebrates it through fine porcelain decorated in pearl grey combined with brilliant colours: red and orange or emerald green and bluette, adorned with 24-carat gold. Lord Shri Ganesha is another important protagonist of this incredible travel: the Hindu divinity is considered the god of good fortune, destroyer of obstacles and a conduit to wealth and prosperity… Who would not wish for a personal god to bring us wealth, success and a favourable destiny? VILLARI manufactures it showing great mastery. The Lord Shri Ganesha represents a fine and valuable talisman, to accompany us through all the great and small events which characterise our lives and make them special. The next stop of this imaginary travel is Russia, the land of Czars, the homeland of splendour and elegance. VILLARI pays homage to this extraordinary country with one of its national emblem: the coat of arms of the Imperial Eagle finely reproduced and hand painted with 24-carat gold. The extraordinary adventure of VILLARI creations ends in China, the country renowned for its refined culture and innate elegance. The evocativeShanghais have inspired VILLARI to manufacture two different charming sceneries, a celebration of this enchanting country.