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The grace of the majestic peacock, inspired by shapes from twenties deco style, re-interpreted and added with an eclectic twist, the result is a beautiful peacock feather like high relief pattern, creating a luxurious ambience. The Peacock Collection, will add instant glamour to your table and give your interior a sumptuous touch.



Add an ornate flair to any table setting with the Taormina Collection. Adorned with a raised textured botanical motif inspired by the exclusive and fashionable resort of Taormina, on the east coast of Sicily, this set is a perfect addition for creating an elegant, sophisticated party and can be paired with matching accessories, available in Taormina collection to coordinate the look.



Inspired by the poetic dance of butterflies in spring during the peach blossom season, the Blooming Butterfly collection has captured on porcelain the butterflies and flowers and added a fantasy tale touch to it. The set is the perfect complement to an elegant, sophisticated table and creates a dreamy setting in any home. It looks fabulous paired with the coordinating accessories, available in the Blooming Butterfly collection.



Add Art Deco charm to any table with the Tulip collection. Perfect for infusing any meal with timeless elegance, this set is adorned with a raised textured tulip Art Deco inspired motif, combined with the soft and elegant shapes and
of the art deco movement characterized by sinuous shapes synthesized in geometry. Add a glamourous touch to every table with VILLARI dining set.



Bring some majesty to your table top with the Queen Elizabeth collection. The set features an elegant high-relief feather pattern, creating a stunning effect. It’s is the perfect complement to a sophisticated party and looks fabulous paired with additional pieces from the Queen Elizabeth collection.



Bring opulence to your table setting with the collection. Inspired by the Empire Style (19th C.), adorned with festoons, crafted by skilled artisans in Italy from porcelain and hand painted with 24ct gold details, this set is the perfect addition to a stylish dinner party and looks wonderful paired with more pieces from the range.



Add a dose of refinement to your tea time with the Marie Antoinette collection, handmade in Italy from the finest porcelain and hand decorated. This collection is a tribute to Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France and Spouse of King Louis XVI of France. The Queen had great charisma and an extravagant personality and is known for her spending habits, her taste for everything over the top and her passion for roses, afternoon Tea and entertaining. Hand-painted in a pretty pastel hue, with 24 ct gold details, this set is adorned with delicate handmade roses and is most certainly a decadent choice for any table. It can be paired with matching accessories to beautifully coordinate the look. Marie Antoinette, undisputed icon of style would be certainly proud of this stunning collection dedicated to her.



Inspired by the grandeur of equestrian style comes the Dressage collection. Crafted from precious porcelain, it features a high relief stirrup motif, contrasting with the leather patterned background. A spectacular way to introduce equestrian style to any interior. Finished with gold or platinum embellishments, it’s perfect to pair with more pieces from the range to beautifully coordinate your table setting.



Taking elegance to new heights with the Ramz collection. Villari and International Designer Abdul Al-Romaizan have launched a jewelry-inspired porcelain home collection. Hand crafted in Italy from fine porcelain with a high relief patterned base, adorned with 24 ct gold and precious stones colors (Pink Star diamond, Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds), this beauty will take your afternoon tea experience to another dimension. Coordinate with matching accessories from the Ramz collection to enhance the effect.

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